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Obesity is a major issue in the United States. Millions of overweight Americans are constantly searching for easy weight loss solutions, and many try every “newest, amazing, proven diet that really works!” they can find.

Unfortunately, we all know these “amazing new diets” are usually just fads that come and go. In fact, most people who try them wind up putting on more weight than they started with.

That’s because fad diets don’t solve problems. They often create problems.

Here’s the REAL STORY.

Crash or “gimmick” diets usually don’t just cut fat from your body. They also cut muscle. After a little while, that muscle loss becomes a major issue, and you abandon the diet. The real way to lose weight is to use a safe and natural method which targets body fat without targeting muscle.

The answer is the HCG diet. It’s a weight loss program combined with drops of HCG, a hormone naturally produced by the human body and a proven fat burner. This approach is safe, effective and backed by scientific research.

We’ve checked out all of the brands of HCG drops on the market, and have selected the best three to highlight. Here is our quick summary; if you want to learn more about HCG or these products, please continue reading.


HCG EZ Drops HCG1234 Easy HCG
Overall Rating
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Speed of weight loss Rocket speed Fast Good
Natural 100% 100% 100%
Customer rating
Money Back Guarantee 60 days 30 days 30 days
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Price $69.95 $69.95 $79.95

What exactly is HCG?

Human chorionic gonadotropin, more commonly known as HCG, is a natural hormone found in the bodies of pregnant women. British physician Albert T. Simeons was the first to theorize that HCG actually programmed the hypothalamus to break down fat while maintaining lean muscle tissue, to protect the developing fetus. He believed that the same process could work in obese men and women, and used HCG to test his theory. In his research manual “Pounds and Inches” he reported that the method worked well, with women losing an average of 25-40 pounds and men losing 35-45 pounds over six weeks.

Why should I use HCG Drops?

In Dr. Simeons’ day, he injected HCG into the body. Those injections are still available today – but they’re painful, difficult and expensive. These days, many people have turned to the much cheaper and easier alternative – HCG drops, which dieters report are just as effective as shots when it comes to weight loss.

There are many other benefits to HCG Drops as well. Over time, HCG has been found to reduce feelings of hunger, and to help curb the appetite. The hormone also has been found to assist the body in creating and maintaining an “anabolic state,” which helps to maintain lean muscle while breaking down stored body fat.

What makes the HCG diet different?

You’ve probably experienced the problem of putting all your weight back on after trying a crash diet – and wondering what makes the HCG diet so much different. The answer has to do with what HCG is: a natural hormone.

When you’re on most fad diets, you usually have a major loss of lean muscle loss. Once the muscle has been lost and the diet is over, it’s common for you to regain the weight, sometimes even more than before.

But because HCG is a natural substance in the body designed to break down fat while preserving lean muscle, it is more effective and safer than crash diets. It also ensures longer success rates than any crash diet. And unlike all those other diets, HCG is designed to benefit both men and women.

How can this site help you?

There are hundreds of HCG Drops vendors flooding the market with their products. Without extensive research, how do you know which to choose?

We’ve done the research for you. With so many companies offering different products, special offers and guarantees, it gets confusing. We’re dedicated to getting the most bang for your buck. Whether you are a first-time HCG dieter or have had lots of experience in the past, we’re here to help you on your weight loss journey.  

How Do HCG Drops Work?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced in the female body during pregnancy. When a pregnant women produces human chorionic gonadotropin the body begins burning glycogen (stored fat in the body) and turning it into glucose. The glucose is then routed through the blood to the fetus; the life inside the pregnant women is then nourished. When HCG Drops are used, the human chorionic gonadotropin burns the fat stores and the excess glucose is distilled through the kidneys as urine or in the stool of the individual using the drops.

The Two Main Things HCG Drops Do:

Eliminate Fat Reserves:

When human chorionic gonadotropin is consumed, it will signal to the body that it is time to burn fat. This initial signal to begin burning fat is the same process that occurs during exercise, but rather than using the fat reserves for energy or healing like in exercise, the body will simply remove it excrements when the consumption of HCG drops occur.

Appetite Suppression:

HCG Drops are activating the body’s metabolism to turn stored fat into glucose. In exercise, this is needed to keep energy levels high and even then, the body still is asking for more direct nutrition through food consumption to make this energy. On the other hand, with HCG Drops, an individual will have a body that has adequate amounts of energy but it now has excess amounts of glucose. It does not want to eat anymore because the levels of glucose will be off the chart for no reason and it would rather remove it as fast as possible. This leads to diet suppression and the individual who consumes the drops will be losing weight at the same time.

Why Should You Try HCG Drops?

HCG Drops do not require a prescription because it leaves no added side effects and is virtually safe for anyone to take. In the event an individual does take human chorionic gonadotropin in the form of drops, they will begin burning fat immediately. Amounts can range up to 1 pound a day and thus it is realistic to think a person could drop up to 30 pounds in a month if they really do take the drops as directed daily.  This is great for all people but especially those who cannot exercise. Many individuals have disabilities or good reason (such as lack of money) and therefore cannot exercise or pay to buy a healthy meal when a fast food meal is much cheaper.  With HCG Drops, these same individuals can continue eating and exercising as they always have and still be able to drop excessive amounts of weight and feel/look healthy.

What are Others Saying about HCG Drops?

Aubrey from Salem Oregon Writes:

I was born with a hyperthyroid condition that evidently caused my body to store excess amounts of fat. I did not eat more than other people did but I still found myself almost double their size. I tried exercising and it did help to lose a few pounds but I still was not seeing the results I wanted. I started taking HCG Drops 2 months ago and since have dropped 20 pounds, I am extremely impressed and once I reach my desired weight I will continue to take them sporadically so I never balloon up my starting weight of 193.

Joe From Austin Texas Writes:

I was forced to medically retire from my career as a firefighter three years ago because of back issues. Since the retirement, I had been doing much less exercise and activity to keep up a balanced lifestyle. This led to my weight increasing to 245. I became bitter about how my body looked so I tried to back to the gym but it only inflamed my back with pain. With not many options, left I decided to take drops of human chorionic gonadotropin daily. I decided to be unbiased towards the product and check my weight only after 30 days. The results where extraordinary I had dropped 10 pounds and weighed 235. I have been taking HCG Drops constantly since and now am at 200 pounds only after 4 months of use. I am extremely impressed and believe my body looks even better than when I was an active firefighter.

Suzy From Queens New York Writes:

When my sis was engaged to her husband and future brother-in-law, I felt excited but at the same time worried that I would look horrible in wedding pictures. My weight has gone up a little more than what I would like to be at so I started looking for ways to lose it. I have a very busy life where I have kids to feed and a job to attend. Throw in sleep and time to eat, and I have no time to exercise. I decided to try HCG Drops after doing some google searches about weight loss supplements and it has to be up there with the best things I have ever done. I lost all the weight I needed to lose in less than a month and am back at my target weight. I would gladly recommend HCG Drops to anyone looking for an efficient weight loss solution.

Becky from Kansas City Writes,

I recently entered a fitness competition and even though am healthy I needed to lose a few pounds before the show. Rather than cut my diet to water and very low carbs I decided to take HCG Drops. Not only did I lose the weight but also my appetite was suppressed. The loss of hunger made prepping for the fitness competition much easier and I ended up with around 6% body fat. This helped me reach first place for having the best-looking body at the show. I would definitely recommend HCG Drops to anyone looking to drop weight.

Trinity from Vancouver Canada Writes:

I am a very fussy eater who loves Chinese food. With the way Chinese food is prepared I am always pushing my body into consuming fried and oil drenched foods. This may not sound healthy but it tastes delicious. I recently had to stop going to the gym because the cost of the membership had gotten to high. I realized immediately if I kept up my diet and did not go to the gym I would get fat. I started taking HCG Drops and was not only able to not get fat but lose some weight in the process.

Bottom Line – HCG Drops Work!

From not only the information about the product but also real customer reviews, we are confident when saying HCG Drops do work! Not only do HCG Drops help drop weight but they also suppress an individual is appetite.

With obesity and excess weight being an epidemic around the world why not take a chance on a naturally produced compound that can not only help an individual lose weight and suppress huger but, also does not require an individual to go to the gym or change their diet! HCG Drops are therefore a 10/10 winner that you should try today!